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Welcome to TID Solutions
Comlins PTT Solution
Comlins is a Push To Talk solution with an application for terminals and operational management software with user GPS tracking, message recording, emergency alert notifications and much more. It is built for worldwide communication.

An integrated solution that can talk, dispatch console and GPS tracking, etc.

Inrico is an integrated voice and data management software for its Push-to-Talk Over Cellular (PoC) system. PoC platform supports real-time PTT call, video call and text message. Real-time dispatching is made easy and secure for various scenarios. It greatly improves the safety of field staff and the effeciency of coordination with remote teams as a whole.
Main Features
Global Intercom PTT
Comlins offers globally real-time individual/group/all call.
Location Tracking
Featured with GPS location and electric fence function, Comlins can track all members’ location.
Comlins supports to send messages to terminals.
Comlins provides cloud server which is running all the time. Scheduled backups of all data stored in accounts
Reliable Security
Our technical teams program the encrypted codes to ensure the security of the data stored in the cloud servers.
Record Replay
Record Replay: The messages sent can be replayed and checked in the dispatch console.
OEM PTT Solution
We have professional technical teams to provide complete project customization. Such as APP, terminals, features, and so on.
Our Team
ID Engineers
Collect the requirement, design and improve the housing of radio, etc.
MD engineers
Design the machine structure, create 3D model diagram and follow on samples test, etc.
Android Application Engineers
Design and improve Android APPs, software stability and performance optimization, etc.
Back-end Engineers
Back-end Engineers Java C/ C#/ C++ engineers to provide designing, building, and maintaining the server-side of web applications.
Android System Engineers
Android System Engineers Design, develop, debug and verify system applications. Responsible for the Android system customization, system stability, and performance optimization, etc.
Front-end Engineers
PHP,HTML5 engineers design and optimize front-end architecture and website performance
Comlins Security
Using all kinds of high-level encryption, Comlins protects our servers and all users’ data. Encryption Includes AES256, Dynamic Key, MD5 Encryption, and so on.
Efficient & Timely Support
With more than 25 years of walkie-talkie experience, we provide professional and efficient pre-sales services. Life-time after-sales service.
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