How to Choose Outdoor walkie talkie?

How to Choose Outdoor walkie talkie?

People always like enjoying a relax time, after some period of work. Outdoor acticities are always apealing. Such as boating, hiking, climbing hill, hunting, camping, running. Life is always colorful.

We need prepare many materials before going outside. But to be on a safe side, walkie talkie is an essential communication tool. Because anyway, not all the places that we go, there’s a cellphone signal. But walkie talkie use wireless signal, so it perfectly solved this problem.

What we need consider when choose the Outdoor walkie talkie?

1. It must have big battery capacity, which can last longer time. It’s not convenient to charge in the wild field.

TIDRADIO TD-F9GP: 2100Mah battery capacity, compared with most analog radios, this capacity is bigger, long standby time. Sure, We will also give you a spare battery, you can prepare a fully charged spare battery in your backpack.

50% OFF for this TD-F9GP during the time: 20th Nov. 2019 to 10th Dec. 2019.

2.A big power walkie talkie makes the communication range longer, you can always keep a close contact with your friends.
TIDRADIO TD-F9GP: Highest support 8W big power. Communication range is longer than lower power radio, communication tone is crystal.

3.Water proof function is very good when you operate walkie talkie outdoors.

A waterproof radio helps lot outdoor, not matter it’s suddenly raining, or you are playing on a boat, or near the water, you no need worry the walkie talkie is broken when soaking in the water. Just dry the water quickly, and blow it by the air blower, then dry in the air, it will recover again.

TIDRADIO TD-F9GP is IP67, waterdust-proof. Really a good choice for your outdoor use.

4.UHF or VHF band selectable

We highly recommend TIDRADIO TD-F9GP, also because it’s UHF or VHF band selectable. If you are walking in an open area, like at the seaside. VHF is suitable, because VHF is used in area that has less barriers and surroundings.

If you are operating the walkie takie in some areas that has many barriers, such as inside a mountain, or inside the wooden forest. You can choose UHF, which have better penetration ability.

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