Great Way to Get Longer Distance for Two Way Radios

A repeater is an electronic device in a communication channel that increases the power of a signal and retransmits it, allowing it to travel further.

Why would you need repeater?

When you want to communicate with two way radios but there are buildings between them, your signal will be severely weakened or even blocked completely, at which point you need to connect a repeater to get a better communication signal. However, repeaters are used even when there are no obstruction in the way as they are excellent for extending range.

Where to “FIND” a repeater?

A repeater is generally placed on top of a tall structure or a mountain, and it is fitted with a powerful antenna system that allows it to collect weak signals and transmit across a large area.
Of course, beside using your eyes to find a repeater nearby , you can also access to find a repeater in your area. Using the Tidradio bluetooth programmer can make it easier for you to use the repeater.

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  • Posted on Michel Couillard Levesque

    you got all my business information or you change?

  • Posted on michel couillard levesque

    you need a repeater for your radio i can get repeater but me im in old fastion of radio with no reapeter and can do the job , but i still like to keep up with the new stuff , like to know were you at in comunication like emergency and even the arme stuff
    everything look like it going with cell phone not realy wat i had in mind but if this is the only way to talk to sombody dont forget the old ways like morse code still is the man comunication way?

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