How to get an amateur radio license?

In general, prospective hams should take a study course online or personally, do some reviews and practice constantly, then take the official test. Although it’s called ham radio, there’s nothing amateur about it. And here are some suggestions about how to get an amateur radio license.


  1. Set a deadline. In order to finish your study and pass the test, make it achievable and within sight.
  2. Study for the test. By listening to the via shortwave radio, you can be acquainted with how ham radio operates. <>
  3. Take online practice tests. Here is the link to the Android app and one for the iPhone app where you can download the practice tests.



  1. Find a club in your area. In the course of studying, you’ll want the mentorship and community to continue the learning progress. Perhaps you can download our app which is called “Odmaster”to share news with other radio users!



  1. Take the test. Just wait to receive your license and call-sign after passing!

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