Two Way Radios or PoC Radio for Security

Businesses of all sizes are being forced to enhance Security due to events happening around us. Ensuring the safety and security of your Staff, Members, and Guests while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere is just one of many discussions you’re having. You’ve implemented a Safety Plan, started your Safety Team, and are in the process of buying equipment. Communications equipment is on your list and you’ve got to decide between cell phones and two way radios. While I’m biased, I believe walkie talkies are your best bet.

Two way radios provide instant communication.

In the event of an emergency, you’re typically going to be in the crisis for five to ten minutes and the rest of your time responding and recovering from the crisis. With two way radios, you have the ability to instantly communicate with your entire Team at the touch of a button. No dialing, no waiting for the other party to answer and no dreaded voicemails.

Two way radios are a fixed cost with no recurring monthly charges.

A good pair of inexpensive two way radios can be had for under $50. A set of six professional grade two way radios start at $100. You can expect these walkie talkies to last 2-3 years and without any maintenance costs. You can expect your cellular phone bill to run at least $20 per month per device.

No Limit to the number of two way radios you can use.

It takes two to talk but the number of walkie talkies beyond two is unlimited. We regularly see Churches with 100+  walkie talkies and many businesses outfit their entire staff with two way radios. Two way radios are essentially a power tool that talks improving productivity while creating a safer environment.

Ease to use.

Two way radios are simple to use, require no training to operate, and provides instant benefits to your organization. has been assisting organizations benefit using walkie talkies for years. We can helping organizations just like yours select the best two way radio for your application. Give us a mail at to learn more about how walkie talkies will benefit you!

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