What is the PoC Radio? TID PoC Radio TD-G5 Release!!!

What is the PoC Radio?

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TIDRADIO Launched a new radio, it is called TD-G5 PoC Radio.

We’re all familiar with two way radio, It is widely used in our daily life. It is very convenient, quick, and you don’t worry about bad signals.

We have many very strong and durable radios, which is suitable for very harsh environments, such as BaoFeng UV-82, TD-F9GP.

But the trend of the times, We have to work out an radio with unlimited distance. So we Launched the TD-G5.

The advantage of TIDRADIO PoC radio TD-G5

tidradio waklietalkie two way raio td-g5

TD-G5 is a new network radio that works over cellular & WIFI. And it’s a POC radio which stands for push-to-talk over cellular that’s brand new just released in the market.

With the TD-G5, You can save more money for communication. The price is of TD-G5 Very reasonable for business communications, if you had a business with say 100 people in the company and they’re all over town providing whatever services or whatever your business is about that would only be a thousand dollars a year plus the cost of the radio which is $95 and you’d be able to have great communication in your own private group.

The advantage of PoC radio TD-G5:

tidradio hamradio td-g5 poc radio td-g5

1. Compared to cell phones:

Save time: Just push the button and talk, No Enter mobile phone number, almost instant connection, no waiting for the call to be answered.

Save cost: It no need to connect with repeater or network ,so you can reduce the cost of building and maintaining a wide area radio network.

2. Support multiple call modes:

The TD-G5 PoC radio system will fall back to a 4G network if WIFI is unavailable. The closed system will operate from a private LTE mobile data network providing an extra level of security. ‘Individual calls’, ‘Group calls’ or ‘All calls’ can be made the same way as a conventional two-way radio.

3. Easy group communication in any distances

You can Stay in touch with your family, and colleagues without missing any contact. Keeping in touch across any distance is simpler and quicker with TD-G5.

4. Ultra-long Standby Time:

The battery capacity on this PoC radio is 4800mAh, it guarantees a long operating time.

TID TD-G5 Two Way Radio Detailed operation

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