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The security work of large-scale activities (sports events, performances, etc.) is an important part of the smooth conduct of the whole event. It not only involves the project process, but also deeply participates in the safety and wide range of activities and visitors. Personnel need to undertake more security tasks departments need joint action, we must establish a sound emergency communications solutions to protect the activities during the communication foolproof, to ensure that the cluster command and dispatch operations and clear and accurate instructions. demand analysis:

1. Regional concentration, the use of a large number of personnel, packet communication system is complex.

2. The frequency of resources is limited, the system needs to save frequency resources.

3. The construction environment is complex, need to solve the communication blind spot.

4. The communication between the groups and the external electromagnetic environment to the wireless communication system to challenge the ability to resist.

5. The command center unified scheduling command.

 Solutions and Features:

In order to meet the demand of security team and related department, the TID radio active exploration, innovation, based on China telecom, China unicom, China mobile's 2 g and 3 g network application function cluster intercom is developed to security guard team to improve the overall efficiency.

Cluster intercom business is based on the China telecom, China unicom, China mobile's 2 g and 3 g network wide coverage, large capacity of the mobile communication network and operator level of business management platform, command scheduling management platform, using the Push to Talk (PTT, a key) technology, through professional talkback terminals with the function of PTT, providing customers with intercom business within the scope of the mobile communication network coverage.

1. Business functions

The confidentiality of the call is strong, and there will be no leakage of the same frequency.

(1)Single call: refers to user one-to-one instant chat. The user can initiate the call directly through the intercom button.

(2) Predefined group call: refers to the preset group assigned in the scheduling management platform, and the preset group is called by pressing the intercom button.

(3) Temporary group: refers to an intercom address book temporary form within the terminal groups, by pressing the intercom button to call temporary groups, it's important to note that group members are required to hold intercom radio terminals, opened business under the normal operation of the network environment and use;

(4) Member priority: during the call, members with higher priority in this group can directly preempt the voice right of members with lower priority; When senior members speak, they can only queue for the right to speak when they apply for the right to speak, and then give them the right to speak after the right to speak is released.

(5) Later access: when a group of intercom, users by reason of shutdown or not in service area failed to join the instant intercom, once the user has turned on, into the service area, or take the initiative to call the current call group, the user can be automatically added to the instant intercom;

(6) Scheduling management platform: through the management platform, groups within the jurisdiction can be managed or group members can be managed. This includes adding, deleting, modifying, and querying functions for groups and groups.

(7) GPS, NFC patrolling, and SOS function conbined. Security guard implement patrol on the specific patrol point at the scheduled patrol time according to the specified patrol route.
After the patrol is implemented, every user patrol record, daily patrol statistics can be viewed in the web company, etc.