Tidradio TD-V2 (20 Packs) 16CH Long Range Walkie Talkies

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Product Description Why would you choose TD-V2 Two way radio? Professional Team: Only focus on the development of walkie talkies; We are...
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Tidradio TD-V2 (20 Packs) 16CH Long Range Walkie Talkies

Product details

Product Description

Why would you choose TD-V2 Two way radio?

Professional Team:

Only focus on the development of walkie talkies; We are standing behind our products

Great for the team work:

Easy to operate for the every one; TD-V2 2way radios have been set to the same frequency ,and they can work with each other when out of the box; All you need is turn these two to the same channel (16channel to be chosen), push a button, and you can hear from your mate

The radio have the superior cell and can use for a long time,it is the prefect way for the following industry:

Service industry(Hotel,Restaurant,Supermarket,etc); Security, Property Management; Police, Constrution Sites, Transportation; Warehouse, Ports, Logistic Industry, Group Travelling, Church security and School service

This model has been FCC certified,FCC ID: 2AWL3TIDTD-V2;FCC Certification under the listing product guides and documents.

2 way radio

TID TD-V2 Two Way Radio:Great Range for Your work and life

We continuously improve our products to provide high quality radios. Now TD-V2 walkie talkies have updated antennas and belt clip are more durable than before.

1500mAh Li-ion battery capacity:

You can charge 2-3 hours,then you can use it for 8-9 hours continuous use or longer.

180g weight is light and small:

The radio is easy to carry,in your hands, feel is smooth and good.The package includes belt clip,you can even put it at the waist or other body location.


Prevent the user to occupy the channel for a long time.

Emergency Alarm:

When the user is in danger situation, press the Emergency Alarm button to call for help.

Handfree calls

You can activate the VOX function for hands-free operation when you are busy but want to speak, and it will pick up clear loud audio calls.

2way radios long range

What you will get from this walkie talkies

long range walkie talkies

Pocket includes:

20× TID TD-V2 2 way radio

20× TIDRADIO Acoustic Tube Headset

20×1500 mAh Li-ion battery pack

20× Flexible antenna

20× Intelligent Charging base

20× Durable Belt clip

20× Hand Strap

10× English User's manual

  • ✔️Extremely simple operation sturdy two way radios without needing any training; Come to work with each other out of box and can communicate with other brands radios by being on the same channel and privacy codes;FCC ID: 2AWL3TIDTD-V2,FCC Certification under the listing product guides and documents.
  • ✔️Rechargeable 1500 mAh Li-ion Battery, up to 35 hours standby time,Supports you longer, especially in outside activity;High-quality Air Acoustic Tube Earpieces, good fit for your private communication.
  • ✔️Multi features long range walkie talkies with good signal and clear voice; Voice prompt reminds you current channel number;50 CTCSS Tones/105 DCS private codes will build secure conversation in your team;Scanning allows you to locate conversations in progress.
  • ✔️Commercial grade 2 way radio with user-friendly configuration; Flashlight function makes things handy in dark environment;Emergency alarm will protect your safety when you work alone.
  • ✔️60 days no reason to return including the accessories;Compared with other small walkie talkies;the distance is longer; which is very suitable for your business activities like construction;school; logistics; church and warehouse.


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