TIDRADIO TD-777S (20 Packs) 22CH 2 Way Radio Long Range Walkie Talkies

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TIDRADIO TD-777S (20 Packs) 22CH 2 Way Radio Long Range Walkie Talkies

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If you are tired of the power consumption is too fast of ordinary two way radios, TIDRADIO TD-777S Upgrated 2200mAh two way radios will be a good choice for you.

1. Come with rechargeable 2200mAh battery, up to 160 hours standby time.

2. Fixed strong antenna and quality rotate button can withstand long time use and saving much money in the long run.

3. Equipped with high quality air acoustic tube earpieces, it is comfortable and crystal to use.

4. Strong radio body and no worry to fall down,will be better for harsh environment.

5. Working out of box; they can also work with other brands walkie talkies by being on the same channel and privacy codes.

TIDRADIO technical support department---24 hours customer support.

easy to use

Multipurpose 2 Way Radio Communicate

Monitor Function:Allow you enhance voice when the signal is too weak to hear (long press first side key to open).

22 Channel Storage:Make it easy to find a secured channel without interference; best for communication and channel selections for different uses.

Voice Prompts:Easy to understand functions and channels; the vocal confirmation on selections are great for newbies.

Squelch Function:0-9 grades help you suppress background noise, enhancing signal sensitivity and sound clarity.

Power Save Function:Greatly increase the use time of the two way radios.

2 way radios walkie talkies long range


  • Air Acoustic Tube Earpieces let you communicate with the team more privately at work and will not affect the people around you



  • The soft material is suitable for long wearing.Strong penetration and audio keep you and your team always stay in private contact with loud clarity sound quality in building or outdoor


TIDRADIO TD-777S walkie talkies for adults :Easy to operate and meet various needs


What's in the box?

20× TD-777S 2 way radio

20× TIDRADIO Acoustic Tube Headset

20× 2200 mAh Li-ion battery pack

20× USB charging cable

20× USB charger

20× Hand Strap

20x Belt clip

10 × English User's manual

  • ✔️Durable 2 way radio; thick plastic shell can resist impact; fixed antenna and quality rotate button can withstand long time use and saving much money in the long run.
  • ✔️2200 mAh battery; two way radios with super large battery, up to 160 hours standby time; USB charging method can be charged in the car or through a mobile power supply; Supports you longer, especially in outside activity.
  • ✔️Superior accessories; coming with the " secret service " ear tubes help you keep clear call in noisy environment; durable belt clip and hand strap are convenient to carry.
  • ✔️Compact and lightweight; perfectly fits your palm; easy to carry; suitable for many workplaces; schools;hospitals; retail; construction; warehouses; meets your business needs.
  • ✔️Working out of box; very easy to use without complex operation; VOX hands-free function; emergency alarm is easy to find someone to help; squelch makes the sound clearer.
  • ✔️Enjoy 60 days no reason to return including the accessories.
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