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 Market Challenges:

With the expansion of the daily business of public security organs, the application of wireless communication system on the diversity of the proposed higher requirements, as the daily use of the cluster network in some special scenes can not meet the needs of public security business. Therefore, the demand for public security wireless emergency communications backup network is gradually referred to an urgent construction of the height.

Public security wireless emergency communication backup network as the daily routine service communication system backup and supplement, in large security activities to achieve emergency command and dispatch communications. The city is increasingly prosperous and its scale is expanding. The public security system may encounter a large number of security activities different from the daily work, such as the guarding work of important leaders or foreign guests, the security activities of large-scale rallies and the sudden event rescue, etc., in the public security departments to deal with similar emergencies, the demand for communication services have a certain degree of particularity.


The following are the same as the "Public security wireless emergency communications backup network “requires a wide range of coverage, call clear, stable and reliable. The cluster communication system is based on the daily police work development, complex network construction, limited signal coverage, the application of large user volume grouping applications, high construction costs, the need for more frequent frequency resources, so the cluster system can not be appropriate and emergency communications backup network Construction.

The same frequency of the same network for a wide range of wireless coverage, the number of users of the wireless communications command and dispatch network, the network structure is simple, network construction costs and relatively low cycle, while saving the frequency of public resources, is the most suitable construction mode of public security wireless emergency communication backup network.